The 4 Step Guide to Accelerate Your Digital Selling with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accelerate your Digital Selling with Dynamics 365

Do you agree aligning your sales and marketing teams produces powerful results?

Well, if you don’t, digital selling experience is already taking giant strides towards making an impeccable mark on the businesses to understand customers better and then to build meaningful relationships that lasts long using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

But, before we talk about the convergence of Sales and Marketing using Dynamics 365 in the context of digital selling, let’s take a quick look at how the sales organizations are poised in the market today.

If you look at the conventional sales-based-organizations, more often than not, organizations treat sales processes, sales applications, sales data and sales analytics as distinct practices from one another. With technology transforming at a rapid pace, there’s a major shift in how sales teams across organizations operate. It is believed that, in the next five years, sales organizations will witness all four teams merge into one single unit: AI for sales.

So, to stay relevant in the game, sales organizations need to build adaptive systems that integrates hyper-automation which records/handles all interactions and transactions between sellers and buyers. 

Heard of multi-experience selling that has crept into the B2B landscape? It’s going to be the future – the digital phenomenon.

The Gartner Future of Sales report suggests that 60% of B2B organizations will transition from experience based selling to data driven selling by 2025.

The insurmountable amount of data that you have today is going to help you build a power-house tomorrow and Microsoft Dynamics 365 could potentially be the catalyst for your unprecedented growth.

  • Understand your customers and unleash your lead potential

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows you to create multi-dimensional customer profiles and segment them based on intent. It allows you to orchestrate seamless customer journeys using Dynamics 365 Marketing for creating personalized multichannel campaigns to nurture sales-ready leads. As you begin to understand your customers better and reach more customers with the right message at the right time using the right channel, you also have the provision to predict churn, next best action, and product recommendations with quick-start machine learning templates.

  • Stay connected with your customers

 Digital experience is going to be disruptive than ever. According to Forrester, more than 80% of B2B engagement will be digital and remote. Using Dynamics 365 for Sales, experience a unified view of your buyer insights across customer relationship management.   

One of the major advantage businesses experience on a Microsoft Platform is that, Dynamics 365 data is embedded within daily-use applications such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook. So, having the data at finger-tips makes it extremely a seamless experience between sellers and customers.

Also, in the quest of staying connected to customer at all times, sellers can now use Power Automate to trigger post-sales surveys to closed opportunities via Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. This enables organizations to record feedback on the sales cycle and the overall buyer experience. Using the survey data, managers or sales reps build a plan of action to identify cross-selling, upselling opportunities that enables them to build relationships with customers.

  • Build relationships that lasts long

 LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest social platform of decision makers. Tapping into its network to find the right customers and to understand their interests is going to be the first step for sales team to accomplish in their pursuit of building lasting relationships.

Leverage the functionalities of Smart Links on Sales Navigator to understand what type of content resonates well with your customers/audience. Post the activity, get a full picture with interactive org charts on your Dynamics 365 Sales Hub. One of the most critical activity to build relationships is to be on top of the changes your customers make from time to time. Like, change in jobs or moving to a different city. Monitor customer sentiment with relationship health to find out which customers need more attention.

  • Adapt to changes rapidly

 No-code tools are handy tools for sales and marketing teams to quickly design and implement actions based on recommendations. It doesn’t require technical expertise to build an application. So, the sales team can leverage the prebuild AI and business processes to keep up with internal and external demands without relying on the tech teams.

Sales Forecasting, a key functionality in Dynamics 365 help sales team to easily analyze and take actions based on recommendations. It’s important for teams across organizations to understand the need to adapt to rapidly growing tech landscape and be up-to-date with new entrants and upgradations in the arena of making customer interactions a seamless experience.


Nurture more sales-ready leads, align your sales and marketing teams, and grow your business with a robust and adaptable solution – Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing. Being on a flexible platform, you can facilitate collaboration and optimize the sales process from start to finish.

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