America’s First Craft Brewery Relies On Dynamics Gp & Horizons Manufacturing To Brew Up Their Delicious Beverages

[well type=”” class=”whitbx”]DemandDynamics played an ‘anchor’ role in positioning the country’s first and also the last standing steam beer – Anchor Brewing, with a much needed Dynamics GP implementation. [/well] [well type=”” class=”grenbx”]

The Customer

Anchor Brewing is America’s first craft brewery that has been a pillar of the community and a staple of San Francisco heritage since 1896. The brand offers a wide selection of delicious beers and it is the last remaining breweries to produce California’s common beer (also referred to as Steam beer).
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Anchor Brewing

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Alcoholic Beverages (Brewery)

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The Challenge

Besides being the only brewery to produce Steam Beer, Anchor brewing has been conducting tasting sessions and public guided tours of the brewery since a really long time. However, maintaining the company financials reports have become painstaking for the heritage brewery.

The brewery was in need of a process implementation that undertakes all the hassle that’s involved from manufacturing to quality control.

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The Solution

DemandDynamics first started working with Anchor brewery way back in 2010. Being a long-standing partner with the historic brewery, we understand their modus operandi. So, our team was quick enough to implement Dynamics GP for streamlining their core financials. Along with the Dynamics GP platform, we have also implemented Horizons Manufacturing to ensure full process manufacturing and quality control.

Anchor Brewing has been one of our esteemed customers for over 10 years now and we still
continue to offer them our services on-demand.

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