New features and enhancements of Dynamics 365 Sales 2020 Release Wave 1

As part of the 2020 Release Wave 1, Microsoft has recently announced dozens of upgrades for its suite of cloud apps including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Commerce, and Business Central. So far in our 2020 Wave 1 features upgrade series, we have reviewed Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O) Wave 1. In today’s blog, we are discussing the Dynamics 365 Sales features 2020 Release Wave 1.

For Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft continues to focus on user experience and productivity improvements. However, the new Dynamics 365 Sales features will drive quick activity management, modern user experience, accountability, and sales success. Let’s look at some of the most exciting upgrades happening to Dynamics Sales:

This Dynamics 365 Sales feature upgrade will provide your salespeople with a great visual to manage their opportunities. By accommodating user preferences and work styles, the Kanban view for opportunities will help your salespeople work more effectively than ever before. The Kanban view enables you to easily toggle between the existing grid view and the Kanban view while viewing the opportunity pipeline by sales path on the Kanban board. The simplified and intuitive experience of the Kanban view also allows your sales team to move opportunities by simply dragging them into place.

  • Easier selection of email templates

This enhanced Dynamics 365 Sales feature will help organizations ensure consistency and create deeper engagement across customer communications. To simplify the user experience and take advantage of the email templates, Microsoft has automated data entry in emails by mapping template text to field data and automatically having these values filled-in to emails.

  • Customize forecast models

This feature provides flexible configurations, filtering to support multiple types of forecasting, different organizational structures, rollup categories, advanced filtering and adapt security modeling to improve sales forecast processes.

  • Improve and adjust forecast accuracy

This enhancement will empower your sales team. Your sales managers can seamlessly make adjustments to any forecasted values, including deleting forecast adjustments or reverting back to an older forecast with this Dynamics 365 Sales feature. Therefore, your sales managers will gain a deeper understanding by identifying the underlying records that contribute to changes and analyzing the history of the forecast adjustments.

  • Understand forecasts with precision pipeline management

This forecasting capability for Dynamics 365 Sales 2020 Wave 1 enables salespeople to directly modify deal information in the flow and instantly see changes to the forecast. The responsive forecast grid with visual cues and near real-time updates in this Dynamics 365 Sales feature will provide your sales team with automatic recalculations of forecast values in order to always ensure fresh data.

  • License enforcement 

The licensing enforcement enhancement will help your business align with the Team Member license restrictions described by Microsoft. The license-based access will restrict users to a set of designated app modules including the Customer Service Hub, Sales Hub, or custom app.

  • Manage activities with ease

Dynamics 365 Sales has elevated activity management by helping users find, view, navigate, and update activities with ease. This feature encourages your team to collaborate and organize activities, prioritize tasks, and manage sales activities more effectively.

  • Sales Team Member app module

The Sales Team Member app module is a new feature of Dynamics 365 Sales that was announced in the 2020 Release Wave 1. This app module enables users to view customer details, leads, and opportunities related to a customer, as well as create and view activities for a customer or related leads or opportunities.

  • Save standardized PDF documents to Dynamics 365 Sales or Microsoft SharePoint

This enhancement empowers your sales team to create an email standard PDF documents based on quotes and other entity records. This feature will enable your salespeople to quickly save standardized PDF documents created from Word templates as attachments in Notes, as well as save standardized PDF documents based on Word templates in SharePoint.

Elevate your business with the new and improved Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales enables many organizations to simplify their existing sales efforts and improve their productivity and efficiency. The new Dynamics 365 Sales Feature upgrades will empower your sales team to achieve better results and optimize their sales efforts. Please reach out to us for more information on how Dynamics 365 Sales can improve your entire sales process. At DemandDynamics, we provide expert consultation for your Dynamics 365 Sales implementation, customization, integration, development and/or maintenance support.

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