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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV built for the cloud.Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365) is an upgraded version of Dynamics NAV built for the cloud.

D365 delivers the power and functionality of Dynamics NAV from the cloud, so you can do away with expensive and bulky on-prem architecture and swap it for the agility, affordability, and security of the cloud.

Why Migrate to Business Central?

Lowers Ownership &
Maintenance Costs

Moving to the cloud results in lower operational costs and no on-prem infrastructure costs. Get more features for lower costs with the cloud.

Greater Flexibility &

Increase or decrease resources and functionality based on your business needs in real-time. The cloud lets you scale easily and quickly.

Ease of Use

Microsoft’s upgraded cloud-based platform is intuitive to use, making the transition from Dynamics Nav to D365 easy and seamless.

Enhances Security &

Migrating your data to the cloud gives you the added advantage of enhanced security and compliance, all of which are managed and maintained by Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Service Offerings
That Trump Dynamics NAV

No More Data Siloes

All organizational data flows into one centralized solution helping you eliminate data siloes and create a unified data system. With all data being accessed from one location, you also benefit from more accurate business analytics and insights and enhanced data security and compliance measures.

Connected Organization

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business management solution that brings your business ERP, CRM, accounting software, and other operations-related software onto one single platform.

This unifies all departments within the business and creates a coherent and connected organization.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Business intelligence and analytics are vital for every business – they give in-depth insights into what has occurred, what is transpiring, and a forecast of what could happen in the future.

Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers in-built BI and analytics systems that help you make informed decisions backed by data.

Enhanced Sales Cycle

The robust CRM helps sales teams track all prospects and sales activities to prevent missing out on opportunities that could have resulted in revenue for the business.

Your sales team can track all leads and customers not just to generate revenue but actually create revenue opportunities through upsells, cross-sells, and other strategies derived from data.

Scalable Processes

Along with being more secure and cost-friendly, cloud solutions are also flexible and highly scalable. You can scale your Dynamics 365 Business Central system on the fly as your business grows and your requirements increase.

This allows you to create lean processes that can be scaled as the need arises, saving you on costs and effort.

Improved Customer

Enhanced sales, manufacturing, and supply chain processes result in improved customer service. The powerful CRM helps the business view each prospect and customer at the macro level, giving you the tools to nurture each person at a personal level.

This allows you to build lasting relationships and a loyal customer base.

Why DemandDynamics?

D365 BC implementation can be complex, especially if you’re migrating from Dynamics NAV. Migration requires meticulous planning and preparation to ensure there is no data loss and all processes and systems are moved to the cloud.

That’s where we come in. As your D365 Business Central partners, we take over the entire migration process and ensure you have a seamless transition from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our division dedicated to cloud enablement is designed to help businesses like yours get access to the cloud. We take care of planning, migration, and implementation so that you can move ahead in your digital transformation journey without speed bumps.

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  • Our 5-Step
    Migration Process

  • Discovery

    We meet you to understand your current Dynamics NAV setup, legacy systems involved, and the D365 BC implementation requirements. This allows us to gauge the scope of work and create a D365 Business Central implementation checklist.


  • Preparation

    We document current processes and architecture along with migration and onboarding strategies to create a well-documented migration process and Business Central implementation plan. This ensures everyone is on the same page at all times.


  • Migration & Testing

    We test and migrate the system in stages, starting from vanilla systems, followed by all integrations and customizations. This helps us reduce debugging time and complete the entire migration process faster and seamlessly.


  • Training & Onboarding

    Once your Dynamics NAV setup is migrated to Dynamics 365 Business Central and all tests and quality checks are complete, we provide KT to all stakeholders involved and help onboard your team to the new cloud platform.


  • Ongoing Business Support

    Our expertise is at your disposal. We help you get the best out of Dynamics 365 Business Central by providing ongoing technical support to ensure business continuity and no downtime.


How D365 Will Transform Your Business

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