How can Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations help your business?

How can Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations help your business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a cloud-based ERP system that focuses on handling all finances and inventory and is designed for large businesses.

Why Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations?

Research leaders predict that the ERP market is expected to have steady growth progress as the systems are now becoming less about On-premise solutions and more about cloud platforms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and IoT. While there is no doubt that the ERP market share is on an upswing, there is a raging debate on which ERP is taking the lion’s share of the market and therefore the market leader. Some of the key players in cloud ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Epicor, SAP, and Oracle are giving it all to win the race.

If you are still new to using a cloud-based ERP, here’s how it can help your business in –

  • Boost competitiveness
  • Improve the operational process
  • Incorporate organizational activities
  • Help manage resources efficiently

Growth estimate (ERP): The global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market size is expected to hit USD 60230 million by 2026, at a CAGR of 5.6% during 2021-2026.

In today’s blog, we touch base on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 stands tall against the competition. (Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is the flagship ERP product from Microsoft)

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O) – Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a cloud-based ERP system that focuses on handling all finances and inventory and is designed for large businesses. It is a complete suite of visionary tools that provides complete visibility and insights into your business. Since its release in 2016, Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is continuously growing along with all the Dynamics 365 suite of apps.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations comes with two different licensing options –

  • Dynamics 365 Finance (for budgeting, financials, accounting, and project management)
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (for engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution).

The licensing options can help you select and decide your user access depending on your business processes. It can give you a competitive edge through a modern ERP with new UI, new functionalities, and integrations. Regardless of which industry you are in, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is one of the best solution that your company may need.

Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is a significant competitor in the ERP market, promising lower costs and a simpler setup. In addition, it seamlessly connects with a variety of other Microsoft business apps. Also, one of the key advantages of Dynamics 365 is user training.

Although any ERP system requires training, the learning curve for Dynamics 365 for F&O is relatively short. It comes with some of the best capabilities to help you manage your accounts and functions like a dream.

According to Forrester, organizations that created data-driven cultures saw a three-year 366% return on investment with business intelligence through Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is at the forefront of the growing ERP market

Microsoft is a Leader in 2020’s ERP Technology Value Matrix for its Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations offerings. Regardless of industry, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides capabilities to address finances, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, and regulatory compliance.

But, future trends in ERP systems play a unique role in today’s growing market trends and requirements. When it comes to the Dynamics 365 suite of applications, Microsoft has become the #1 Cloud applications vendor after unrelenting development efforts and huge investments, including a blockbuster acquisition.

Within a short time since the release, Microsoft Dynamics 365 moved up in the market share rankings to overtake Salesforce and Oracle swiftly. This makes it undoubtedly clear that the future projects of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will include more intelligence and cognitive services, using data proactively to transform businesses and future-proof your business digitally.

Reasons Why Dynamics 365 F&O

How Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations can help your business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables the digital transformation of many businesses and industries. Here are some of the key benefits that prove Microsoft Dynamics 365 certainly has a competitive advantage over the other ERPs in the market.

Benefits of D365 for Finance and Operations

  • Cost Reduction: It unifies your firm’s expenditure and IT allowances to come up with smart cost management programs.
  • Flexibility: Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps give you complete freedom of customization and development on every platform.
  • Deep-rooted Integration: Dynamics 365 is capable of providing deep-rooted CRM, BI, and other third-party integrations to keep your whole organization in sync.
  • Built-in Analytics: Dynamics 365 comes with a built-in Analytics mechanism to help you make better decisions quicker.
  • Azure AI: The availability of the smart Azure AI gives accurate predictions, foretells you what might happen, provide predictions and recommendations.

Leverage Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for your business!

Dynamics 365 F&O has more to offer than what we reviewed today. If you are evaluating an ERP for your organization, then Dynamics 365 F&O should be at the top of your mind space. With its sophisticated features and extensive benefits, it could potentially be the best decision you have ever made to support your business’s success.

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