Leading Online Education Portal Developer Implements Business Central to Help Teachers and Schools Reach Their Full Potential

[well type=”” class=”whitbx SS-postClear”]Focused on the development of web-based systems and professional learning approach, PLS 3rd learning in their pursuit of improving the life prospects of every child has scaled up with Business Central migration.[/well] [well type=”” class=”SS-post-blue”]


PLS 3rd Learning
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PLS 3rd Learning in a nutshell

PLS 3rd Learning is an online education portal development company that co-creates custom technologies to standardize learning and provides educators with innovative resources and professional development. The company is dedicated to leveraging the best ideas, strategies, and technologies to advance teaching and learning worldwide.
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The inevitable upgrade

PLS 3rd Learning was on Sage 300 and is looking at migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central.
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The hunt for finding the best migration partner in the Dynamics 365 Arena

After evaluating a good number of partners for their Dynamics 365 Business Central migration, PLS 3rd Learning closed in on a deal to partner with DemandDynamics in April 2020 to make the switch from Sage 300 to Dynamics 365 Business Central. The DemandDynamics Team quickly and efficiently customized and implemented Business Central, including

  • Sales Order Processing with customizations
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Fixed Assets
  • Financials
  • Banking
  • Power BI

The DemandDynamics Team configured the Banking module in Business Central to support Bank Reconciliation, multiple bank accounts and check formats, and the Financials module to support important financial reports such as the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow.

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What makes DemandDynamics – a preferred choice for Dynamics 365 migrations?

The team of experts at DemandDynamics worked closely with the PLS 3rd Learning Team to migrate data files including General Ledger History, Master Files (Customers, Vendors, Items and Fixed Assets), Open Payables, Open Receivables, and Inventory with the beginning balances so all of their most critical business data is in a single, centralized location for easy data analysis.

In June of 2020, PLS 3rd Learning issued a Change Order for further sales processing customizations to their Business Central instance.

Our DemandDynamics consultants developed line-item page changes to accommodate Ship-To addresses when referencing the School Districts PLS 3rd Learning works with. Our expert consultants also developed a custom Sales Invoice that includes the Ship-To Address Codes to itemize the School Districts and a custom report to highlight several sales by School District. These specific customizations have enabled PLS 3rd Learning to streamline their sales process and improve customer engagement by automatically updating invoices with the important customer and sales data.[/well] [well type=”” class=”whitbx SS-postClear”]

What has changed at PLS 3rd Learning post-migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

PLS 3rd Learning is thrilled with their new Business Central solution that has gone live in August of 2020, and they continue to leverage the advanced Microsoft cloud capabilities to boost their business performance. DemandDynamics enjoyed working with the leading online education developer, and we look forward to supporting their Business Central solution long into the future.
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Customer Testimonial

“DemandDynamics and Dynamics 365 Business Central have greatly enhanced our engagement with the School Districts we work with by providing us with an automated system for tracking sales orders and invoices in a unified platform. For the last nine months, Business Central has supported our Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Financial and Operational processes and improved our overall productivity, and we are excited to see what the solution will continue to do for PLS 3rd Learning in the future.” – Colin Freeburg, Chief Financial Officer of PLS 3rd Learning,


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