Microsoft Business Applications Solves Business Challenges – How and Why?

Solving Challenges through Microsoft Business Applications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best platform that gives you a 360-degree vision of the insights and processes.
Why and How to Choose Microsoft Business Applications to Solve Your Business Challenges?
Identifying the right application for your business is an essential step in achieving your long-term strategic goals. Mainly, choosing the perfect CRM and ERP for your organization is vital to complement and meet these long-term goals. Organizations across industries face numerous industry-specific challenges; while all of those issues are not going away, many organizations adapt to a rich solution such as Microsoft Business Applications to turn every challenge into an opportunity. Microsoft Business Applications has supported organizations of all sizes, irrespective of their industries, to improve productivity through digital transformation drastically.

Microsoft Business Applications – Introduction

Microsoft Business Application includes a full range of back-office business applications instead of implementing and integrating separate ERP and CRM systems. It is one of the industry leaders in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust and comprehensive cloud solution that puts the levers needed to drive greater profitability at all levels of the organization, on any device, anywhere. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best platform that gives you a 360-degree vision of the insights and processes. Microsoft Business Application is ideal for helping organizations gain end-to-end control and visibility with business intelligence (BI) capabilities. It can assist you to stand out amongst the competition by providing excellent functionality, performance, and security. MS Dynamics can also enable you to modify your solution as your organization adapts to your business environment.

Reasons to Choose Microsoft Business Applications

Why to choose Microsoft Business Applications for Business Challenges?

Here are the top 10 reasons why many organizations choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their business challenges.

  1. Simple and Familiar User Interface

Microsoft Business Applications work just like all the other Microsoft products that are familiar to us. Hence, it does not only help simplify user experience but also speeds up the training process with the system and leverages Office 365 tools in using Excel, Word, Office, Skype for Business, and Exchange.

  1. Single Cloud Solution to Manage a Global Business

Almost all are doing business in multiple countries and regions across the world. Especially in a manufacturing business, the supply chain has become challenging to manage while maintaining customer service costs. One of the significant reasons many organizations prefer Microsoft Dynamics is because of the advantage that it offers for global business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports international business with multiple currencies, time zones, languages, and compliance with multiple banking and reporting standards. Also, all these can be managed from a single cloud solution to provide consistency and standardization across various business entities around the world.

  1. Reduced Complexity and Unified Business across Channel

Every organization today uses multiple channels to sell their products; due to which there is an increased channel complexity that requires us to manage all these channels more effectively. Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates multi-channel selling directly into the ERP solution and helps in eliminating the channel silos of the past. Wholesale, retail and e-commerce can live side-by-side within the application, intelligently sharing inventory, customer information, and supply chain visibility.

  1. Supply Chain Visibility and Advanced Forecasting Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps manufacturers by handling complex supply chains out of the box. From a sophisticated multi-site model that addresses lead-time variation, different vendor sourcing models, and multiple raw material suppliers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can keep up with the demanding needs of our customers. Also, with the Supply Chain 365 extension, organizations can get advanced forecasting, planning, execution, and analysis capabilities.

  1. Enhanced Operations with Automated Business Processes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 dramatically enhances operational efficiency through standardization and streamlining of business processes. The solution offers a flexible workflow that allows businesses to automate tasks and procedures to be used every day. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can relieve your team of repetitive manual tasks and also will enable you to create processes using workflows to achieve the desired results.

  1. Streamline Communications across Infrastructure

One of the biggest challenges many organizations face is streamlining communications across an increasing range of systems and devices in complex infrastructures. Having various applications to handle every individual routine task makes it much harder to keep track of everything, and departments within an organization end up with information silos that can hinder their collaboration efforts. In Dynamics 365, the common data model brings you immediate access to information since it is stored in one place. This also allows for seamless integration with other essential business applications, such as Office 365 and Power BI. With add-ons like free mobile applications with Dynamics 365 license and support for the cross-web browser on multiple devices, your workforce can be productive regardless of wherever they work.

  1. Enabling business agility

Organizations miss out on many new opportunities just because their technology could not identify market trends as quickly as they need to keep up with the current market and demand. With cloud-hosted collaboration tools like Dynamics 365, you will be able to serve customers no matter where they are and quickly identify market trends and move parallel with the ever-growing demand.

  1. Boosting employee productivity and efficiency

Most workers in the US are not engaged with their jobs as they could be, with the main reasons being unsuitable technology and mobility restriction. Employees expect flexibility regarding where and how they work rather than being at the same office desk around the clock. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables complete workforce mobility and scalability as it lives in the cloud. This allows your employees to access the tools whenever they need to do their jobs from any device from anywhere. This will enable employees to make more intelligent and more informed decisions. Since your employees have all the tools and insights at their disposal, they can seamlessly find everything on one platform. All these ideally boost their productivity and efficiency.

  1. Seamless Integration of solution with Other Microsoft products

One of the well-known and significant advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it is easy to integrate it with other Microsoft products to allow businesses to switch from Dynamics 365 to Outlook for communication easily, Power BI for data analytics, and SharePoint for documentation.

  1. Choices of Deployment and regular updates

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers deployment options such as on-premise, cloud-based, partner-hosted. By choosing the deployment option that best suits your budget, resources, and business needs, you can effortlessly and quickly transition to Dynamics 365. Also, Microsoft is committed to enhancing businesses for its customers. Hence, they invest vast amounts of resources in Research and development for Dynamics 365 to develop continuous upgrades and advanced functionality that helps companies to stay on top of their game.

How Microsoft Business Application can help you solve your Business Challenges?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been the most trusted solution for many organizations across industries to digitally transform, get equipped for the future, be more agile, and have a powerful sales team and more extraordinary customer service. Dynamics 365 solutions are enriched with advanced capabilities to ensure every requirement of any organization is met.

Here is a quick heads up on how Microsoft Business Applications is helping many organizations to solve their business challenges –

  • It is a cloud-first solution
  • Comes with an astounding pace of innovation
  • Highly reliable data security and privacy
  • Dynamics 365 solutions are highly customizable
  • Seamlessly connects with many applications
  • Requires very little time and effort in the integration
  • Offers full ownership of the technology
  • Simple, easy, and familiar user interface
  • And many more…

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