Healthcare executives are embracing the cloud to reimagine patient experiences and clinical service delivery. The complexity of healthcare relationships across the continuum and evolving payment models have placed a strain on healthcare organizations. At DemandDynamics, we unleash the features and functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics to enable healthcare organizations to contain technology costs and provide better patient experiences.

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Key Features

Innovation. Delivered.

With competing priorities and the challenge of running a business in a dynamic environment, you need a technology partner who’ll innovate on your behalf. At DemandDynamics we assure you of constant technology optimization to keep you ahead of the curve.

Complete Customization. Attained.

Our digital health experts customize your CRM to transform care delivery, solve inefficiencies and increase patient engagement. Through technology and expertise, we help you deliver the digital experiences your patients want.

Seamless Implementation. Achieved.

Eliminate unscheduled delays and expenses. Our modern approach and proven implementation methodology ensure quick implementation of Dynamics 365 without fluctuations to everyday workflows

Disparate Technology. Integrated.

Across care settings, integration is a major challenge. At DemandDynamics we connect both on-premise and cloud systems seamlessly. We have over a decade of experience in handling complex integrations and are fluent in the requirements and nuances of it.

Maintenance Costs. Minimized.

Our Dynamics 365 experts enable your healthcare organization to minimize maintenance costs through quick identification and resolution of technical issues and capability gaps. Drive sustainable improvements and streamline operations with our post-implementation support.

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Future of Healthcare

The future of
healthcare lies in
the cloud

88% of healthcare organizations have reduced IT expenses
by 20% after moving to the cloud.

The healthcare cloud computing market is expected to
reach 64.635 Billion by 2026

Healthcare cloud is becoming an infrastructure necessity. Sources: Valuates / Gartner

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Achieving optimal ROI from your technology investment is a journey, not a destination. And that is why, at DemandDynamics, we constantly innovate and pivot on your behalf to help you get the most out of your CRM. Through our flexible engagement approach, we enable healthcare organizations to lower operational costs, enhance patient experiences and streamline operations.

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We have the extensive experience required
to understand the healthcare industry’s
unique challenges and the expertise to
address them.

We hardwire best practices into your
current environment.

Highly secure implementation and
customization services. We follow all
industry mandated regulations.

All our solutions are well-adopted, value
based, and tailored to meet specific
business outcomes.

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