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Dynamics 365 is the right solution for your business. However, choosing Dynamics 365 is just the first step to growth and success. It is crucial that your Dynamics 365 suite is implemented perfectly. A sub-par deployment can result in unscheduled delays, excessive costs, and constant frustration.


DemandDynamics’ Implementation Strategy

Dynamics implementations are complex projects. At DemandDynamics, we evaluate your current and future needs to strategically align the Dynamics 365 implementation with your specific business goals and objectives. We achieve this by dividing the implementation project into the following four key phases, and we employ our DemandDynamics team of technical experts at every step.



DemandDynamic’s Customer Success Managers and consultants work closely with your stakeholder team to discuss and understand current business processes and future states

Functionalities / Processes / Workflows

Existing processes, functionalities and workflows will be analyzed to strategize future roadmaps that will drive tangible results

User Persona

We develop a deep understanding of your users to build a system that provides selective access based on the varying levels of your company’s user personas

Data Volume and Format

We will carefully evaluate data quantity, quality and structure to identify if data needs to be imported from different sources

Coexisting Data or Apps

We prepare for strategic integration to ensure frictionless end-user experiences where multiple applications and data can be accessed using a single interface


Functionalities, Processes and Workflows

Based on our assessment of your business requirements we refine the functionalities, processes and workflows that need to be implemented in Dynamics

App Integration

All the applications and systems that need to be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics are reviewed and schemed out for Integration

Subscription Licenses

Each Dynamics license is an investment to the company, so we help clients choose the right applications and the number of licenses based on end-user adoption

Data Migration Plan

We carefully review, clean, and de-duplicate data before migrating them to the Dynamics cloud instance


From choosing the right Dynamics license to defining the key functionalities, processes and workflows, our strategic approach towards project planning ensures that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation goals are met



We configure Microsoft Dynamics to suit your unique needs based on detailed assessment and meticulous planning

User-based Data Access

Each user is assigned with a specific profile, providing selective access to specific features and functionalities.

Setup Processes and Workflows

Based on the business requirements, the DemandDynamics team will configure business processes such as forecasting, campaigns, leads, accounts, opportunities and case management.

Set up Automation, Reports & Dashboard

DemandDynamics team will set up automation wherever possible. Reports and Dashboards will be created to measure and monitor performance.



A great Dynamics 365 implementation does not matter if the end-users do not use it. The success of a Dynamics implementation primarily depends on user adoption. That is why our MS Dynamics implementation strategies are tailored to great end-user experiences. We carefully analyze the challenges involved in user adoption – one of the core challenges being lack of training and knowledge on the new platform. Our Dynamics 365 implementation strategy includes hands-on training for the internal stakeholders aimed at driving user adoption and value.

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