Microsoft Ignite 2021: What’s new in Dynamics 365? New Features & Updates

Microsoft Ignite 2021 updates

The most impactful event, Microsoft Ignite 2021 is back again with some of the key trends and what’s new in Dynamics 365.

From strengthening Azure AI, making it a power platform to all the way down to investments in security skilling that includes compliance and identity, Microsoft is back again with its Ignite 2021 conference with a barrage of new product features and announcements that always keep end-customers on the edge of their seats. And this time, it’s all about the power of cloud computing. As we get along from what we have witnessed from the virtual conference, we’ll begin by taking a look at the 5 trends that CEO – Satya Nadella believes will drive the next wave of innovation.

Unprecedented times always gives the courage to overcome the most unimaginable constraints. And, 2020 has proved that for every industry across every business function as we all have witnessed a second wave of digital transformation, starting from healthcare to manufacturing, accelerating digital initiatives to build resilience and transform like we have never seen before.

This year’s ignite 2021 started off with the chief outlining the five key attributes that will drive the next generation of innovation in the cloud. And they are,

  1. Ubiquitous and decentralized computing
  2. Sovereign data and ambient intelligence
  3. Empowered creators and communities everywhere
  4. Expanded economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce
  5. Trust by design

A detailed study/run-down on the aforementioned five trends that were highlighted during the conference will be covered in another blog. For now, let’s take a look at some of the key announcements on the business applications front. Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

What’s new in Dynamics 365?

While Microsoft Teams saw several updates at Ignite 2021, we couldn’t be happier for its integration with Dynamics 365. As remote work becoming the new norm, the synergy between Dynamics 365 and teams makes way for enabling enterprises to connect with customers in a better way.

Teams and Dynamics 365 (New Integrations)

Ignite 2021 has got our team of certified experts at DemandDynamics perplexed with the latest integration between Teams and Dynamics 365. A collaboration that all of our users love to use without having to switch between the applications.

That means, users can now leverage Teams from their Dynamics 365 workspace to make calls, start or continue chats, schedule meetings and collaborate, and more without having to juggle back to Teams. On the flip side, users can also access and share their Dynamics 365 content from within Teams, without having to go back to Dynamics 365.

Here’s how Teams integration with Dynamics 365 is going to help business functions.

Dynamics 365 Sales: With the new integration, sellers can connect sales records to Microsoft Teams without having to leave Dynamics 365 Sales. Also, you can use teams to manage calls and access other functionality from within the seamless interface of Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Marketing: From the comfort of a single window, marketers can set up, promote and report on events hosted on Microsoft Teams directly from Dynamics 365 Marketing. Allowing you to nurture attendee relationships during and after the event across multiple channels.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service/Field Service: From Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can now easily find the right subject-matter-expert directly to resolve your customer issues on the fly. (All thanks to Teams Integration)

Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Later this year, you can access Dynamics 365 Human Resources directly within Microsoft Teams. This helps managers review and approve requests in just a couple of clicks.  

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, is a new application in disguise for legacy ERP customers to scale their order management process from intake to delivery. This “purpose-driven supply chain solution,” as Microsoft refers to it, is a quick-access tool for companies to handle the overwhelming commerce requirements with ease. It can perform numerous actions for businesses based on need. It can utilize AI to decide the best way to fulfilling an order, based on current inventory, and game out potential implications of the options available.

Did we mention real-time personalized customer experience capabilities in Dynamics 365 Marketing? I don’t think we did. The all-new capability is slated to public preview in April.

Power Platform updates in Ignite 2021:

As part of Microsoft’s on-going mission to democratize app development and filling the gaps for developer resource shortage, it has released a handful of updates to make Power Platform much more user-friendly.

Power Automate Desktop to Power BI Premium, this year’s release has its focus on the stability and security across the functions. Some of the Premium Gen 2 enhancements include,

  • Flexibility to license per user or per capacity;
  • Faster processing – up to 16x performance boost with Microsoft managed architecture.
  • Auto-scale to automatically add capacity when needed; and
  • Consistent and reliable cost management with utilization metrics.

Industry Cloud updates in Ignite 2021:

One of the most exciting announcement from the conference come from the industry cloud. Microsoft has announced three new industry clouds will be out to power the financial services, manufacturing and non-profit sectors. These three inclusions will join the list of already available

From what we know from the event, the first update to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is slated for a release in April 2021. This update includes four new features and adds support for eight additional languages. Feature updates focus on further streamlining virtual health, care collaboration and patient self-service.

As we think of the growth potential, businesses across the world are amplifying their efforts to adapt, digitize and transform at a rapid pace and Microsoft Ignite just tells us that it’s just the beginning of the innovation.

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