Enhance Your Patient Experience with Streamlined Appointment Scheduling – Dynamics 365 CRM and Calendar 

Dynamics 365 CRM in Healthcare for Appointment Scheduling

Dynamics 365 CRM can promise you the ability to deliver expert care and patient-centric service.

Enhance Your Patient Experience with Streamlined Appointment Scheduling – Dynamics 365 CRM and Calendar

Do you think having the best physicians and experienced nurses help you outshine your competitors in the healthcare industry?

The answer is, “NO.”

For you to thrive in the current healthcare climate you have to be patient-centric.

When it comes to interactions and treatment plans, all healthcare organizations are prompt. On the contrary, based on a survey, many patients fall short of getting access to the appointments on-time because of the lack of a streamlined appointment scheduling system.

For an industry such as healthcare that is expected to provide on-time service at all times, this could be a huge problem. Delay in appointments is a critical issue that affects customer experience and needs immediate attention. But now, there’s a solution.

You can streamline your appointment scheduling process with Dynamics 365 CRM.

How Can Dynamics 365 CRM Streamline The Appointment Scheduling Process For Healthcare Organizations?

By adding a CRM, you can offer personalized care to patients, improve operational outcomes, track your patients’ history, and provide quality care.

Dynamics 365 CRM can promise you the ability to deliver expert care and patient-centric service. Dynamics 365 CRM is one of the most preferred CRM systems for the healthcare industry, with a revenue rise of 51% last year.

The Dynamics 365 CRM enables you to have a streamlined appointment scheduling process and keep your appointment schedule on track with its varied capabilities. One among them is the Dynamics 365 Calendar. When the Dynamics 365 Calendar is synchronized with your CRM data, it can help you better manage patient appointments.

Dynamics 365 CRM in Healthcare

A Closer Look At Dynamics 365 Calendar


Dynamics 365 Calendar lets you create, edit, change status, track appointments through a single screen and also allows you to have an overview of the appointments with all details from CRM. This provides you a unified view of the availability of physicians, rooms, etc. from the CRM data and enables you to assign the appointment accordingly. Dynamics 365 makes the process of viewing the available slots for the patient and booking their appointments much easier and convenient.


The appointment scheduling process does not end as soon as an appointment is fixed. If there are any adjustments such as appointment records, patient details, medical details, etc., the assigned users can view the Dynamics 365 calendar to know the current activities and promptly assign the appointment to another user and manage the cases properly without delay in care. You need not shift to CRM while making these changes; you can manage it from the Calendar and save the activities. With the Dynamics CRM and calendar module, this can be automated. This not only eliminates human errors but also saves time.


With recurring appointments, it becomes hard to monitor the patient’s overall journey. There are always countless tiny details or notes that customers prefer. When it is on manual notes, you tend to lose it, which might hinder the customer experience. With Dynamics, you can get rid of the manual notes and monitor the patient’s overall journey. This ensures that you provide a personalized patient experience.


With the Dynamics 365 CRM and Calendar, you can send reminders to your patients about their appointments to ensure that they do not miss or arrive later than the appointment timing. As you have all the CRM data, you can send your patients a reminder for their upcoming appointments if they forget to make an appointment and provide them with a personalized patient service when you add Calendar.

Leverage Dynamics 365 CRM and Calendar for your Organization

Ensuring a hassle free appointment scheduling process for patients is critical. Customers of today need prompt and quality service starting from appointment to post-care. But the fact is that many healthcare organizations are falling short on this front.

Dynamics 365 CRM with the right calendar module to schedule, manage, monitor, and follow-up patient appointments helps you at every step of your care journey

Are you someone who is looking out for a robust and optimal solution for your healthcare organization?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM could be that one solution with a wide range of functionalities designed to assist every operation of your healthcare organization.

We have a team of experts transforming many of our clients’ businesses across the industry with the power of Dynamics 365. If you would like to know more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Healthcare or the capabilities of Dynamics 365 solutions to transform your business, reach out to us. 


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