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Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management

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Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management

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Supply chain challenges are real, omnipresent, and costly. Fragmented systems, manual processes, limited visibility, and integration difficulties can hinder your ability to meet customer demand, deliver products on time, and reduce costs.

Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain is a powerful solution that improves real-time visibility into your supply chain operations, automates manual processes, and streamlines workflows, for a more resilient supply chain.

Why Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

Why Dynamics 365 Supply Chain?

Transform your supply chain with Dynamics 365, the AI-powered solution that optimizes planning, production, and logistics for effortless growth and boosted profitability. Experience a new era of efficiency and competitiveness, at the forefront of innovation.

Receive real-time updates:

With Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, gain a constant, up-to-date overview of your supply chain operations and swiftly address any challenges.

Simplified inventory management:

Ensure you always maintain the right amount of inventory by meticulously managing your stock, eliminating both shortages and excess stock.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed:

Accelerate new team member onboarding, minimize warehouse travel, and guarantee punctual and complete deliveries to enhance customer satisfaction.

Smart inventory choices:

Make informed decisions about inventory levels, production schedules, and procurement activities using accurate demand predictions.

Efficient warehousing:

Boost warehouse productivity and reduce errors by implementing layout improvements, refining picking processes, and adopting advanced inventory tracking systems.

Quality and rules compliance:

Safeguard product quality and uphold regulatory compliance standards throughout your entire supply chain, ensuring adherence to industry guidelines.

Dynamics 365 SCM – The Way to a Modernized Warehouse

Dynamics 365 SCM – The Way to a Modernized Warehouse

The Way to a Modernized Warehouse

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Modules

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Modules

Supply chain modules streamline specific tasks in the supply chain process. They can be used to manage everything from planning and procurement to manufacturing, inventory, and fulfilment.

Asset Management:

  • Seamlessly govern all assets, regardless of their function.
  • Precisely track and document products, ensuring error-free management.

Inventory Management:

  • Suited for businesses of all sizes, this module optimizes inventory control.
  • Real-time insights eradicate shipment bottlenecks, promoting agile inventory management.

Transportation Management:

  • Oversee transportation communications with meticulous data tracking
  • Exercise comprehensive control over inbound and outbound transport transactions

Product Information Management (PIM):

  • Facilitate the organized sharing of product data across the organization.
  • Maintain a unified product definition to enhance configuration management and process alignment.
  • Automate tasks to drive efficiency and support business expansion.

Warehouse Management:

  • Supervise all warehouse operations seamlessly, integrating with departments like manufacturing, transportation, and quality control.
  • Streamline processes for enhanced data flow and operational synergy.

Rebate Management:

  • Simplify contract creation and agreements with customers, ensuring legal compliance.
  • Accurately calculate rebates, deductions, and royalties for each transaction.
  • Centralize data for streamlined transaction creation, review, and processing.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

The modern, cloud-based ERP solution offers powerful core capabilities and next-level options.
Here are a few benefits of D365 Supply Chain Management:

Anytime access to essential data

Dynamics 365 SCM provides accurate real-time information on the order, inventory, and delivery data.

Predictive Intelligence

Optimize cash flow, predict customer demands, and manage production using inbuilt AI functions.

Minimized Sales Cycles

Centralized access to customer data enables quick information delivery and an efficient response initiation process by the sales team.

Monitor supply chain activities easily

Keep expenses in check and track the process flow of manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies, including transportation, quality control, purchase, sales, and returns.

Better data security

Advanced predictive algorithms quickly detect anomalies and data security risks.

Deftly meet customer demands

Increased supply chain transparency benefits customers with relevant logistics information on their purchases and delivery time.

Production and outcomes after Dynamics 365 SCM implementation

Production and outcomes after Dynamics 365 SCM implementation

  • Seamless integration of all supply chain features and visualization of all business activities
  • The ‘planning optimization’ add-in helps adjust inventory stock according to customer demand
  • Resource availability to shorten asset downtime
  • Logistical task coordination across the sites for cost management and to fulfill requirements.
  • Quality control to resolve issues with minute by minute analysis.

Features of D365 Supply Chain Management

Features of D365 Supply Chain Management

A more innovative supply chain management enables organizations to manage disruptions and scale quickly
to meet evolving customer demands.

Powered with IoT

IoT, AI, machine learning, and mixed reality features help businesses automate their processes end-to-end, from sourcing and procurement to manufacturing and transportation.


Azure’s security model offers secure firewalls and unifies data into a centralized interface that integrates with platforms such as email marketing, account databases, etc.

Field Service Integration

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management integrates with Dynamics 365 Field Service, enabling businesses to automate resource management processes and monitor internal team operations.

Worldwide presence

Features of multi-localization, multi-language support, centralized dashboard, and unified interface enable businesses to have a connected Supply chain that operates in several countries.

Pricing plans for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Pricing plans for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

Full Users
per user, per month

Full users possess licenses that grant them unrestricted access to the complete range of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management features. You can combine multiple Dynamics 365 apps for a cost savings on additional licenses.

Device License
per user, per month

Device licenses for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enable multiple users to share a single device, such as a point-of-sale system. These licenses are limited to functionalities related to operating the device.

Team Members
per user, per month

Team member licenses are designed for users with light usage of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, primarily for specific scenarios like time and expense approval.

Why choose DemandDynamics as your Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management partner

DemandDynamics can help your business achieve implementation excellence with a team of trained experts in the SCM arena.

The DemandDynamics services do not adhere to any subscription model, which means zero commitment. The Pay-as you-use model facilitates businesses to spend with respect to their needs and for the time the service was utilized.

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