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Boost your business with intelligence, agility, and automation by upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 tailored around the needs of your business to help you evolve as your business grows.

Shift your business to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Shift your business to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics AX is now rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. We’ll help support your existing Dynamics AX environment if you wish to stay on-premise for as long as you want,and also work with you to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud.

Taking it one step higher

Taking it one step higher

While Dynamics AX without a doubt supports your business in more ways than one, you can accelerate your business potential by unlocking the power of the cloud (D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management).

DemandDynamics Simplifies Your Transition

DemandDynamics Simplifies Your Transition

As a trusted Microsoft GoldPartner, we help our Dynamics AX customers with implementation, maintenance and support every step of the way as they transition to Dynamics 365.

Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrades and Migrations

I am thinking of revamping our ERP system and am looking to upgrade our Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.

How We Can Support

We can help you navigate the perfect path to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance through our expert implementation services from Dynamics AX or any other ERP solution.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

I need support to my current Dynamics AX solution to keep it going until I make the inevitable move to Dynamics 365.

How We Can Support

Our team of experts can help you with ongoing support to your current Dynamics AX solution. Get expert consultation for your developmental needs or integrations to keep your systems up and running. Once you are ready, we will help you migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly.

Accelerate The Speed of Doing Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accelerate The Speed of Doing Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As your company prepares to move away from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SC keep a close watch at the benefits you experience by migrating to the cloud.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Finance & Supply Chain Management)

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365
(Finance & Supply Chain Management)

Improved accessibility

Cloud has an architecture that provides easier access via a pure browser-based user interface, eliminating the need for Remote Desktop/Citrix and the Enterprise Portal (SharePoint).

Platform innovations

There are new capabilities in the Microsoft cloud, including data model with Dynamics CRM and Office 365, the use of PowerApps for easily creating mobile apps, the use of Flow for easily creating workflows and notifications, and the ability to leverage advanced analytics scenarios via Intelligence Suite.

Functional enhancements

It will provide additional features and capabilities that the organization can take advantage of.

Real-time business intelligence

A real-time, in-memory BI solution that provides up-to-the-minute information around how your business is performing, with new tools (Power BI) for visualizing this data and creating dashboards.

Reduced IT maintenance

While deploying, you eliminate premise servers and systems that require maintenance, but Microsoft takes responsibility for monitoring and updating the underlying (Windows, SQL Server) and the application itself (with your assistance).

Easy to stay up to date

You gain the choice and ability to easily stay up to date with straightforward, cost-effective platform updates (every 3 months) and application updates (every 6 months), eliminating the need for costly, disruptive major upgrades every few years.

Help Your Business Growwith Microsoft Dynamics 365

Help Your Business Grow
with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Moving your business to Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps in organizing all of your important business applications in one place. Our team can help you around the different options for Microsoft D365 and decide which applications can satisfy your business goals and make your business thrive.


Automating your global financial operations facilitate your firm with monitoring real-time performance, predict future outcomes and make smart decisions that drive business growth.

Supply Chain Management

A perfect mix of Artificial Intelligence, mixed reality and IoT helps you improve your global visibility. This helps you act according to predictive insights to increase your supply chain and manufacturing productivity.

Human Resources

It lets you simplify and optimize your HR programs. Having all the HR details in one designated place makes decision making faster, agile and transforms your workplace to a higher performance environment.


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