With Customers in over 70 countries, Miron Violetglass roped DemandDynamics in to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central solution to allow people embrace the power of ‘living’ natural and sustainable products.

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About the Customer

Miron Violetglass USA is a unique packaging solution for natural products based in Southern California. The biophotonic glass is used to protect products from damaging sunlight and increase their shelf life. The glass packaging also helps to preserve and enhance the odor and quality of the products. Miron Violetglass jars can be used to contain cosmetics, oils, medicines & foods. Miron Violetglass USA’s unique design and business model has taken natural packaging to a whole new level.
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Miron Violetglass USA

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United States

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Packaging & Containers

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The Dilemma

In October 2020, Miron Violetglass USA conducted a new business system selection process, evaluating many mid-market business systems. After significant research, Miron Violetglass USA narrowed their focus on Dynamics 365 Business Central and NetSuite as the primary competitive solutions.
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Emergence of DemandDynamics

After engaging with the team of expert consultants at DemandDynamics to define a complete solution for their US distribution efforts, Miron Violetglass USA selected Business Central to be implemented by DemandDynamics as its new ERP solution.
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The Solution

The DemandDynamics Team quickly got to work implementing and deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with Warehouse Insight and Dynamic Ship from Insight Works, and eBizCharge for Credit Card Processing. Leveraging Insight Works’ powerful Business Central add-ons, Miron Violetglass USA automated its distribution operations with capabilities to scan receipts, track shipments and transfers, scan inventory count, print labels, engage in carrier rate shopping and send notifications to customers. The DemandDynamics Team also customized Miron Violetglass’ Sales Quote, Order, and Invoice pages to calculate the sales price on the base unit of measure quantity to simplify the sales process and limit manual entry of data. Miron Violetglass USA is thrilled about their new automated Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

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CEO, in his words on why he chose Dynamics 365 Business Central over NetSuite

CEO and Head of Sales, Eelco Scholtens, shared “We initially needed an ERP to replace QuickBooks. It needed to be able to track lot numbers, manage bin locations, report forecasting and replenishment and handle shipping. It also needed to serve our future needs with CRM integration, ecommerce integration and a customer web portal to manage orders from our future webstore. We initially considered NetSuite as an ERP option, but ultimately found Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to be a superior ERP solution. We also needed real-time visualization dashboards, which was solved with the implementation of Power BI. Business Central is so user-friendly and flexible it meets all of our requirements and is definitely the best fit for us.”

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A CEO’s delight is a true testimony of what we deliver to all our customers.

“We chose DemandDynamics to implement the Business Central solution because we could tell DemandDynamics truly cared about the needs and goals of our company, and we are so happy we did! DemandDynamics’ diligence these past four months in customizing and integrating our Business Central environment with Warehouse Insight and Dynamic Ship has enabled us to automate our distribution operations and simplify our sales process with minimal data entry.”


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